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Lead time

(1) Production process should be strictly in accordance with our purchase order.

(2) Products should be delivered to our warehouse within 7 days after the receipt of our bill of lading.



(1)Set the sample in accordance with our requirements

(2)Submit the sample to us for inspection by deadline

(3) Sample signed, sealed and kept by both parties

(4) Factory inspection. Our QC will inspect the factory to check the production line, storage of raw material ,warehouse management and so on.

(5) Cooperation contract signed.


Large scale Production

According to the cooperation contract, raw material is prepared and mass production is set up.



(1) for new suppliers

30% deposit before mass production, 40% before the delivery and the rest 30% will be paid off within 7 days when the products are delivered to our warehouse.

(2) for suppliers who keep at least one -month cooperation relationship with us

We will settle the account by monthly payment.



Monthly statement

A reconciliation statement must be submitted before 25th of each month so that the payment could be settled.