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  • LED照明行业前景

    LED灯饰近几年来的快速成长,让很多的照明企业也开始加入了这个领域,经济也在迅速的发展,LED灯饰加盟行业的发展前景也是良好,有很大的潜力。 led灯饰加盟行业虽然历经多年发展,早已形成了专业、...   [ Detailed ]

  • LIGHTINTHEBOX IPO today :stock soars 22%

    Online e-commerce site light in the box became the first Chinese company to hold its IPO in theU.S.on June 6th this year. Trading under the ticker LITB, shares rose 22.1% from $9.5 t...   [ Detailed ]

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